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May 3, 2014

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Rhode Island


Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island


Southern New England Discovery Tours
Your Backyard Just Got Bigger!

During the first full week of May we celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week in a big and
exciting way. For eight years this kick-off event was known as “Tour Rhode Island.” Since partnering last year with neighbors in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we have taken a new name, Southern New England Discovery Tours, or “SoNew Tours,” for short.

This event is now in its tenth year – and we have you, our loyal tour members, sponsors and partners to thank for it. In the Tourism Industry, YOU are the best promoters of what makes Southern New England such a terrific place to visit , live in and enjoy.

SoNew Discovery Tours is an adventure, a re-discovery of our “bigger backyard,” the beauty of its natural landscapes, and the excitement and importance of the historic and cultural heritage shared throughout Southern New England. We are often surprised by the treasures hidden in picturesque places across the region, in this bigger backyard of ours.

You are part of SoNew Discovery Tours. By signing on you become a valuable ambassador,
taking in new knowledge and giving your unique perspective on these treasures.  It’s our purpose and mission to spread the word about where we live and its numberless treasures. You are part of that, whether by bringing a friend, by “word-of-mouth,” or by way of Social Media. We encourage you to take photos or video clips of you and your friends, and once
you do, be sure to share them with us!

We thank you heartily for your patronage, good company and good will.

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